WGE launches new look website

You may have noticed the WGE website has been refreshed with a modern new look and some new functionality. Our Marketing team have been working behind the scenes to update WGE’s online presence and create a more appealing and intuitive website.

National Marketing Manager Shelley Phillipson says the digital space is changing all the time and it’s always a challenge to keep up with the fast pace of development.

“We’ve utilised new tools that have become available on our digital platform since our last website was developed,” she said.

“Over the last four years we have seen technology bring about rapid change in the way we do business and interact with our clients.  Brands must naturally evolve to stay relevant with clients and to be at the forefront of industry developments.”

“The new look website allows us to showcase existing content better than our previous site and we’ve been able to identify gaps in our content that can be addressed in future.  Basically it will enable us to bring a more human experience of construction to our clients.”

National Marketing & Communications Executive Theresa Higgins says the new website allows lots of opportunities to share current, strategic and on-brand messages that are relevant to both our internal staff and our external clients.

“We can now share longer-length feature articles from our home page banner that tell the story of WGE’s unique workplace culture and ownership structure,” she said.

“This creates some exciting opportunities for employer branding, attracting and retaining talent and sharing what we do differently outside our work that makes WGE truly unique.”