WGE informs new training for managing underground assets

WGE is working with Engineering Education Australia (EEAUST) and Open Learning, on a new training module to inform the management of underground assets or subsurface utilities. Available through Open Learning in July 2017, the training is aimed at practitioners who manage subsurface utilities – including engineers, designers, managers and state or council authorities.

Along with the upgraded Australian Standard for Subsurface Utility Engineering (AS5488) which WGE are currently involved in, the training will inform a minimum level of practice that ensures all practitioners are adhering to the same principles.

The online module covers:

  • Defining what subsurface utilities are
  • How subsurface utilities are currently managed in Australia
  • Case studies that demonstrate how issues can escalate within the current framework
  • Who is responsible for different aspects of utilities and projects
  • The importance of following existing international standards of managing subsurface utilities

WGE are currently leading a national industry-wide review of the current management of subsurface utilities and why there should be an improved focus of management of utilities. As a result WGE’s Rob Sansbury is the national Engineering Australia representative on the committee to upgrade the standard.

WGE’s Rob Sansbury says the team have been managing subsurface utilities across numerous projects. “We’ve been following best-practice international standards to ‘test’ this approach and we are pleased to report a number of successful project outcomes to date,” he said.

For more information about how to access the training, visit the Open Learning website.

For more information about how WGE is working to improve management of subsurface utilities, see our news story or contact Rob Sansbury on 07 3811 4500.