Specialist lighting brings a homely feel to the new Ritz Carlton hotel

WGE’s Specialist Lighting team has been engaged to design lighting schemes for the public spaces of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, currently under construction at Elizabeth Quay in Perth. Lighting Designer Dave Anderson shares how the lighting plays an important role in creating ambience at one of Perth’s exciting new venues.

The Ritz Carlton in Perth aims to set the standard for 5-star luxury accommodation, and is located in Lighting plays a vital role in creating an engaging journey for visitors as well as facilitating the precinct’s transformation from day to night. The primary intent is to ensure guests are made to feel welcome and as though they never left the comfort of their own home. Our lighting scheme uses a combination of integrated and highly decorative custom fixtures to evoke a warm, homely ambience throughout the individual spaces.

A selection of high quality luminaires, warm colour temperatures and architectural detailing is utilised to create a unique, memorable experience for all guests. Additional low level and accent lighting is incorporated to suggest the natural formations, textures and ambience found in places such as caves.

In order to help distinguish and highlight the multi-story void that separates the ground floor foyer and pre-function rooms, a different lighting treatment is utilised to resemble a cavernous gorge. The overall height of the void is made an immediate focal point for guests as they enter the ground floor lobby. Particular attention is given to accentuating the textured, geometric reliefs of the architecture and material palette. Surrounding functional and decorative light sources are strategically located to provide soft, dappled light to the ground below in order to subtly lead guests to the informal meeting areas, lift lobbies or reception desk.

Our schemes are exclusively LED to ensure high quality, low energy and low maintenance. We also understand the importance of eliminating obtrusive effects caused by artificial lighting such as sky glow, glare and light clutter while retaining a high level of visual comfort. Careful aiming of luminaires and precision optical control ensures our lighting design aligns with the Green Star light pollution (Emi-7) credit criteria.

Through the strategic selection and application of light we have delivered a sophisticated, opulent and practical lighting solution for the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Construction is about to begin and completion is expected in 2019.


Dave Anderson
Specialist Lighting Section Manager