Modular Construction

Building the future piece by piece

Wood and Grieve Engineers (WGE) have maintained a positon of market leadership in modular and prefabricated construction, and are actively involved in the leadership of this industry. We frequently work for and with many different modular manufacturers for the delivery of modular projects.

Why clients go modular

Projects are completed with potential cost savings, reduced program time, less overall waste, and opportunities for environmentally sustainable design and recycling.

Modular construction benefits:

  • Improved health and safety performance on site through cleaner and safer building process
  • Reduced overall build time, resulting in cost savings, reduced disruption to neighbouring residents and ensures faster return on investment
  • Improved building performance and sustainability through thermal and environmental innovations
  • High quality construction with improved quality assurance
  • A greener outcome due to reduced waste during manufacturing process and on site
  • Lighter construction with less cost in the foundations

Why WGE?

  • We have a dedicated team of modular construction experts
  • We understand the complexities around how to deliver a project that has been manufactured in one jurisdiction and constructed in another
  • We understand the importance of needing to clearly detail delineations between on-site and modular works
  • We have experience in dealing with modular projects constructed in Australia, China, and Thailand
  • We are actively involved in steering the modular construction industry
  • We ensure that your modular project is be delivered with quality, speed and ease

Industry engagement

We are a proud founding member of the Prefab Aus industry body. We provide knowledge and expertise to the Modular Construction Codes Board. John Lucchetti, Principal at WGE is on the Board of Directors for Prefab Aus and is also a Member of the Modular Constructon Codes Board. Our teams are focused on discovering opportunities to improve technology and construction methodology.

John Lucchetti

Hydraulic and Fire Protection Section Manager, Principal

Our advice to clients

Modular construction is a fast paced environment that is continuously evolving and changing and it is easy to get stuck or confused with the number of options available to designers and developers. Be well researched and then look to be decisive in your approach as this is the best way to realise the benefits of this unique construction methodology.