Reality Engineering: Visualising the Future

Engineering concepts to the layperson can often seem intangible and, let’s face it, relatively dull!

To the non-engineer, navigating industry-specific buzz-words, complex drawings and associated scientific jargon can be exhausting and down-right confusing. Luckily, engineering has always been at the forefront in embracing new technology and when it comes to Reality Engineering, Wood & Grieve Engineers are leading the way.

Last week I visited their Melbourne office and was grateful for the opportunity to experience and learn more about the practical applications of Reality Engineering. Including how it can be used to deliver an exceptional user experience and bridge the gap between the engineer and non-engineer in order to make the seemingly intangible (somewhat) tangible.

Seeing is often believing and delivering a real life experience in virtual reality has a number of benefits for customers. One such example on my visit was being able to walk through a proposed new home wearing a VR headset. An existing struggle for potential house-and-land package buyers is the inability to envisage their new home before it has been built. Reality Engineering enables the customers to engage with a truly interactive experience, allowing them to walk around their new estate and home. This is just one example of how Reality Engineering can be used to provide an unrivalled customer-centric experience.

Virtual models are so accurate and true to life, that Reality Engineering has the potential to save significant costs for clients. Imagine a developer being able to offer a virtual showroom instead of bricks and mortar. They could take an investor on a virtual walk around of a proposed new hotel and modify specifications before they have even been built.

The possibilities of Reality Engineering are endless and it is certainly a great tool to engage, inspire and inform everyone from developers, builders, customers and the layperson.

Cheers to WGE for opening our eyes to the future!

Article courtesy of Selection Partners; first published 5 April 2018.

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