Wrest Point Revolving Restaurant Refurbishment

Completion year 2018

Key People

Jean-Paul Kirkland

Specialist Lighting Project Engineer

Angus Grant

Mechanical Section Manager, Principal

Ben van Niekerk

Electrical Section Manager, Principal

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The project involved the refurbishment of the Wrest Point Revolving Restaurant, ‘The Point’, located in Hobart’s Sandy Bay. Guests are treated with 360 degree panoramic views of the Tasman Bridge, Mount Wellington and the majestic River Derwent.

WGE was engaged to provide electrical, mechanical and specialist lighting services to the project, including the upgrade to electrical services, improvement to odour environment, replacement of existing wall lights and introduction of new lighting design in the restaurant.

WGE worked closely with the architects to design a new lighting scheme which not only focused on creating a comfortable environment for guests, but also highlighted the purpose-built architectural ceiling detail to create optimum conditions.

The original lighting design used downlights, which produced unwanted glare and contrast during the restaurant’s revolutions.  By introducing a perimeter bulkhead, all functional lighting was concealed helping to reduce glare and patron discomfort to ensure a pleasant and relaxing dining atmosphere.

The restaurant also features table top cooking, which ultimately creates an odour control issue effecting neighbouring diners.  WGE undertook a review and upgrade of the air conditioning system, replacing the diffusion and grilles, as well as odour rectification works – including air quality tests, installing additional grease and electrostatic filters, dedicated purge exhaust system, as well as a thorough clean out of all supply and return air ductwork. As a result, a balanced odour environment was achieved to improve guest experience and comfort.

The end result sees The Point continue to be a classic Hobart must-see destination, punctuated with sophistication, class and elevated entertainment.