White Night Melbourne

Completion year 2015

Key People

In December 2014, a group of local artists including part of the WGE Specialist Lighting team were recruited to create a large sculpture and ‘garden’ out of scrap metal, fire and lights for White Night 2015 as a strategic piece to draw crowds from the city centre. The sculpture and its scrap metal garden was produced from scratch with an extremely short timeline requiring high level coordination, innovative design utilising LED technology and lighting techniques to deliver the best possible outcome.

White Night Melbourne is a State Government event that includes installation, lighting, exhibitions, street performances, film, music, dance and interactive events taking place in the streets and laneways, parklands, public spaces and cultural institutions of Melbourne. The original concept for White Night (Nuit Blanche) was conceived in Paris in 2002, in a bid to make art and culture accessible to large audiences within public spaces. The Paris concept has inspired an international network of White Night events in over 20 cities globally, with each city shaping the event to reflect its unique passions and characteristics.

The project debuted as The Crucible and was viewed by thousands of visitors with special commendations from Andrew Walsh, the event’s artistic director.