Uterne Solar Farm

Completion year 2015

Electrical, Energy Services



Key People

Elliot Alfirevich

Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

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Commissioned by SunPower Pty Ltd, WGE provided specialist electrical engineering services for the $6.6 million 1-megawatt Uterne Solar Farm in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

The Uterne Solar Farm was completed under the Solar Cities initiative which provided Federal Government sponsorship of iconic solar projects in each state and  featured more than 3,000 solar panels mounted on an innovative ground-mounted solar tracking system.

Services provided by WGE included the unique high-voltage DC design and protection within the site, negotiation with manufacturers for the supply of two 500-kilowatt inverters, through to earthing and connection at 22kV to the NT Power and Water Corporation network. Experience from this and other large commercial solar system projects has earned WGE our reputation as industry experts, and we offer assistance to major solar installers in system design and in negotiating authority approvals.

Recognisable throughout Australia from the “Carbon Tax” television campaign and promotional material featuring photos of the completed installation, the Uterne Solar Power Station received the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award at the Engineers Australia Northern Division Awards in August 2010.