Telstra Exchanges and Data Centres

Key People

Nicholas Blay

Electrical Project Engineer, Associate

Tim Mansfield

Structural Section Manager, Principal

Angus Grant

Mechanical Section Manager, Principal

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Wood & Grieve Engineers now part of Stantec (WGE) have been providing engineering services to Telstra for over 14 years, including designed and supervised electrical and mechanical upgrades and replacements at various exchanges. Projects have ranged from 100kW to 8MW and included: generators, switchboards, power distribution, chillers, cooling towers, pipework, pumping and air handling plants.

More recently, WGE have provided review services to Telstra for the assessment of AirTrunk co-location offerings and have carried out a technology review and RFP for vendors for the planned Network 2020 data centres. WGE have also been engaged to prepare a project brief for these new data centres.

Exchange projects include:

  • Exhibition TE – Network 2020 PODs
  • Davey TE Network 2020 PODs and substation upgrade
  • Exhibition TE – Full floor HVAC upgrades to levels 6, 8 and 11 to cater for up to 1MW per floor through a combination of central AHU’s including economy cycles and on floor CRAC units
  • Lonsdale TE – Chilled water riser upgrade on operational facility, provision of additional 8MW chilled water riser
  • HVAC and chiller updgrades and replacements at various Exchanges and Data Centres ranging from 300kW to 3MW including chillers, cooling tower, pipework, pumping and control systems
  • HVAC installations for NBN of 150 to 200kW in Launceston St John TE and Hobart Davey TE. Including generator installations of 1.3MW


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