Tank Stream, 34 Hunter Street – Restaurant, Bar & Hotel

Completion year 2014




Key People

Olivier Gaussen

Acoustics Section Manager, Principal

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The Tank Stream Hotel project transformed a Sydney commercial building into a luxury hotel, featuring 282 hotel guest rooms, a restaurant and bar, together with retail outlets on the ground floor. In addition to the change-of-use, the project also involved the addition of four new levels to the existing structure.

One of the main challenges for acoustic modelling was the transition between the outdoor and indoor bar space, which incorporated design features to maintain the acoustic amenity of the occupants of the hotel guest rooms above. We also liaised with the architect, thermal engineer, structural engineer and acoustic engineer to achieve the required acoustic performance in the curtain wall façade for a busy Sydney CBD.

The design of the acoustic building elements between the restaurant, bar and hotel guest rooms was highly dependent on the type of fixtures above-ceiling and required an understanding of the relationship between the materials used in the design and the resonant frequency of the fixtures above-ceiling.

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