Qantas Headquarter Redevelopment

Completion year 2015




Key People

Olivier Gaussen

Acoustics Section Manager, Principal

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The Qantas headquarter redevelopment project has a construction value of $120 million, making it the largest property project undertaken by Qantas Airways in the last ten years. The project consists of:

  • Upgrading four office buildings.
  • Converting an old warehouse building into office space.
  • Constructing a hub linking three of the four buildings.
  • A fitout that included meeting rooms, pods, executive floor, media/news room, communication rooms, crisis area and 120-seat auditorium.

The two major acoustic challenges for this project were:

  • To control aircraft noise intrusion as the buildings are underneath the second runway of Sydney domestic terminal.
  • To control the reverberation time with a large volume space (the hub) accommodating a PA/sound system with a very high acoustic performance target.

The WGE approach and solutions to challenge number one:

  • The WGE acoustic team approach the project with very extensive noise monitoring of aircraft flying over the existing campus, typically WGE spent two weeks on the roof top of building C monitoring aircrafts of various type landing and taking off.
  • Based on the noise monitoring results we were able to define the acoustic performance of the building envelope.
  • The architectural proposal included a lot of glass for the façade and the roof of the Hub which increased the challenge to provide a solution that will fit the budget. By using 3D acoustic modelling WGE were able to provide a cost effective solution allowing achieving appropriate internal noise levels within the Hub.

The WGE approach and solutions to challenge number two:

  • It is indeed critical in large volume spaces (100,000m3) to control reverberation time and is particularly challenging with an architectural design that included hard finishes such as glass walls, partial glass roof, and stone floor finish.
  • The reverberation time was significantly reduced with the addition of absorptive material and purpose designed acoustic panels at particular locations including the ceiling, bridge and slab edges.

WGE were extremely proud to have been part of this iconic brand’s project. The new space will provide a brand new home their head office in Australia and for their 5000 local employees.