Perth Zoo Solar Pergola

Completion year 2012

Electrical, Energy Services



Key People

Elliot Alfirevich

Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

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Perth Zoo was chosen as one of five locations across Perth to showcase solar energy as part of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities program in 2012. WGE more than doubled the solar panel installation at the zoo which originally had 303 panels roof-mounted across eight buildings.

The Solar Cities program involved the construction of a 100m custom-built pergola-style bus shelter at the main entrance to host an additional 452 solar panels, delivering 146.5kW of energy.

WGE provided electrical engineering design and supply authority application and negotiations for connection approval for what was at the time, the largest single solar photovoltaic generator in Perth. Integrated with the existing system, the full solar installation had a power rating of 237.4kWh and was expected to provide 370,000kWh per year – meeting around 30% of Perth Zoo’s energy needs.