Perth Zoo – PA System

Completion year 2016

Key People

Elliot Alfirevich

Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

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This project involved detailed acoustic modelling of the Perth Zoo site, in conjunction with the design of a site-wide digital public address (PA) system. The public address system has both commercial and operational benefits to Perth Zoo, including scheduled communication of events and keeper talks, as well as assisting with visitor management at closing time.

The PA system utilises the Perth Zoo’s ICT network, and included site-wide fibre optic reticulation for the future benefit of the Perth Zoo. Project challenges included working across an expansive site, maintaining public access during works, and minimising disruption to visitors and the Zoo’s inhabitants.

Project highlights included:

  • Avoidance of site-wide cabling through the use of the existing ICT network where possible
  • Computer-simulated acoustic modelling of speaker locations to ensure coverage, time alignment and maximum speech intelligibility
  • Managed alerting and evacuation functionality to assist the safety of visitors
  • Zone-specific “soundscaping” to enhance the visitor experience e.g. lion noises in the African Savannah
  • Future expansion options beyond audio distribution – including CCTV, video and Wi-Fi across the Zoo site