Palais Theatre Refurbishment

Completion year 2017


Sports, Culture & the Arts


Key People

Tim Mansfield

Structural Section Manager, Principal

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The Palais Theatre refurbishment was a significant council and state government initiative to restore the damaged outdoor façade, as well as improve the deteriorating interior structure of the building including its services systems.

WGE were commissioned to undertake a detailed study of the condition of the existing Palais Theatre structure. The project team observed significant degradation due to the building’s near-coastal environment, with the roof, floor and existing façade all requiring significant upgrades to maintain the building’s integrity and ensure longevity in performance.

Heritage requirements played an important part of the success of the refurbishment, and this was achieved by a detailed and considered approach with the architectural design team. Working with a near 100-year-old structure and construction methods, along with very minimal documentation available, required a very dynamic approach to achieving the design outcome.

On site testing, intrusive investigations and detailed analyses of load paths were necessary to achieving structural compliance and a level of comfort that the existing structure was suitable for the intended use.