Melbourne Airport – Templink

Completion year 2015




Key People

Ashley Willis

Structural Project Engineer, Associate

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WGE was the lead for design and delivery of a new pedestrian link at Melbourne Airport which was required to maintain connection between the Virgin & Tiger/Rex Terminals for 18 months whilst the new T4 terminal was constructed.

Design features:

  • 150m long, with 11 contiguous modules raised 5m in the air to match the terminal floor levels
  • Steel exoskeleton design enabled a refined internal finish for passengers who only see continuous bondor panel lining
  • The structural exoskeleton simplified transport and erection of the modules (without damaging waterproofing) and allowed critical airport services to be attached underneath

WGE completed fast-tracked design and documentation of each of the interconnecting modules, and coordinated three separate manufacturers who were engaged to fabricate the modules as fast as possible. The project was completed within a short timeline as Templink was a critical path item that had to be delivered before the old terminal was demolished to make way for construction of the new T4 terminal.