Marina Edge, Port Coogee

Completion year 2017




Key People

Eric Le Meur

Structural Project Engineer, Principal

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Marina Edge apartments are situated on a prime oceanfront location in Port Coogee, hailed as the new southern gateway to Fremantle. The 109 1, 2 & 3-bed apartments are arranged over 9 storeys to make the most of the marina, coast and ocean views. The lower three storeys form a podium, housing internal parking, with a 6 storey tower above.

The presence of karstic limestone in the soil on site required the adoption of high-tech grout injection techniques to avoid the more expensive but classic solution of piled footings. AFS load-bearing walls were specified to self-span over the voids and act as deep beams to eliminate the cost of transfer elements.

The apartments’ close proximity to the ocean necessitated the use of special protection coatings on all exposed steel members. Epoxy resins were also employed to protect the building from exposure to the salts and chlorine found in sea spray.

WGE provided structural design services and certification for the project.