Logan Motorway Enhancement Project

Completion year 2019

Underground Power Design



Key People

Laurie Jennings

Electrical and UPD Project Engineer

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The Logan Motorway Enhancement Project involved major upgrades of the Logan and Gateway motorways in order to improve key congestion hot spots in the area to allow for the growth of population within the surrounding areas.

WGE were directly involved in the removal of existing street lighting within the affected areas of work to ensure all future installations would not be affected by any existing services.  As a result, WGE worked closely with other design stakeholders to incorporate existing services within the project.

With the design area covering such a large area, WGE’s documented design required coordination with Department of Transport and Main Roads, Logan City Council and Brisbane City Council to ensure each asset was correctly identified and documented as being removed from the respective authority records.

WGE’s services also included:

  • Determined supply authority and council boundaries, and their requirements
  • Overlay civil works and road changes, and determine the impact on the existing street lighting infrastructure
  • Complete a site assessment of all existing street lighting, pits and circuit connections for equipment to be removed
  • Apply Energex maps packages and create schematic drawings of existing and proposed removal of equipment
  • Obtain joint Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council approval for removal of streetlights
  • Removal of rate 2 street lights from nominated roads within zones 1-3
  • Provide commissioning plans for estimated 11 circuits in zones 1-3
  • Completion of removal layout plans for each zone
  • REPQ verification
  • Removal package submission and procurement of Energex approval for zones 1-3

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