Karratha City Centre Infrastructure Works

Completion year 2015

Civil, Underground Power Design

Land Development


Key People

Sharni Millman

Underground Power Design Section Manager, Principal

Vivienne Edwards

Civil Project Engineer, Principal

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The Karratha City Centre Infrastructure Works project supports the WA State Government Pilbara Cities of the North initiative, whose vision is;

“to build vibrant cities that offer economic and social sustainability from one generation to the next; places that people will choose to live on a permanent and intergenerational basis; and with quality accommodation and services in line with other major Australian cities”.

The project specifically seeks to transform Karratha from a mining town with a permanent population of approximately 18,000 to a regional city of 50,000 people through a process of targeted economic development intervention aimed at diversifying the economy, unlocking land for additional development, lowering the cost of living and improving the overall amenity of the town.

This project will implement the City Centre Master Plan by designing a planned city that responds to the environmental conditions of the Pilbara, whilst exhibiting a strong sense of character. The project encompasses:

  • great design outcomes
  • a high quality public realm
  • diverse residential development providing more choice
  • an increased density and scale of mixed-use developments

WGE provided civil & underground power consulting services to implement the City Centre Master Plan, whilst always aiming to minimise the impact on existing businesses and users of the city centre. Materials palettes were designed with regard to the natural amenity and Pilbara climate, whilst providing a high quality public realm. Servicing strategies have enabled the creation of a number of new development sites.

This project involves significant modifications and upgrades to the road and infrastructure networks, including road realignments through existing buildings, undergrounding of existing overhead distribution services along with accommodating the planned voltage upgrade in Karratha from 11 to 22kV. Streetscapes have been designed to a high level of finish and incorporate narrow road reserves to create a city centre feel, pedestrian friendly environment, with shade structures to encourage pedestrian interactions. A high level of lighting has been provided to the roadways via the incorporation of LED streetlights which aim to provide the users with a high sense of safety in utilising the space.