Jessie Street Centre Refurbishment

Completion year 2008

Key People

Theodore Mirabile

Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

Nicholas Johnson

Sustainability Project Engineer, Principal

David Steblina

Hydraulics Project Engineer, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

Glenn Alman

Mechanical Project Engineer, Principal

Joseph Walsh

Mechanical Project Engineer, Principal

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This project has proven that significant building energy performance improvement is possible without major façade or infrastructure changes, all whilst keeping the building operational.  The Jessie Street Centre is a 20 level concrete office building constructed in 1987.  WGE were engaged by Brookfield Multiplex to ensure the project goals including a minimum 4.5 star NABERS rating and a 4 star Green Star rating were achieved. Assessment of the existing building revealed a preliminary NABERS rating of 3.5 stars.

A complex building model was developed by the WGE sustainability team to investigate several building solutions. The refurbishment required to achieve the client’s set targets included the following works:

  • A new air delivery method (low temperature VAV distribution systems) which utilised existing ductwork.
  • New high efficiency chillers and condenser water plant (replaced as part of a necessary life cycle upgrade).
  • New building management control system.
  • Upgraded lighting on the floors with high efficiency fittings.
  • New lighting control systems.

What is most impressive about this exercise is the actual measured result.  The facility had total emissions of 6.8 million kg CO2-e prior to the project commencing.  Amazingly, following the completion of the upgrade works, the facility achieved a 5.5 Star Base Building NABERS Energy rating, surpassing the client’s expectations. The facility had total emissions of 3.6 million kg CO2-e over this post-project period. The difference in these ratings show that the building refurbishment works were able to reduce the emissions associated with the operational energy consumption of the Jessie Street Centre’s base building services by over 47%.

The building achieved a 4 Star Green Star Office Design V2 rating and a 4 Star Green Star Office As-Built V2 rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.