Hobart International Airport – Terminal Apron Lighting Reconfiguration

Completion year 2016

Key People

The project involved high level calculations and lighting design for the international terminals at Hobart International Airport to accommodate a new bay arrangement in anticipation of the terminal expansion.

WGE’s Specialist Lighting team investigated several options to achieve an efficient, enduring and cutting edge design:

  • Comparing LED and metal halide light sources in terms of lumen output and energy savings,
  • Light distribution calculations
  • Comparisons to MOS139 industry standards

Project features:

  • Introducing new LED technology and strategies to a critical area of the airport
  • Accommodating the stringent requirements of the MOS139 industry standards
  • Incorporating good design principles for aerodrome lighting, such as comfort and glare control

High level calculations were conducted and included in a detailed report for each lighting option, as well as indicative supply and installation costs. This was provided to the Client as a clear ‘bird’s eye view’ of the design.

Care and consideration was made during the design process to mitigate potential glare issues from the selected LED fittings for incoming pilots, whilst also ensuring that light levels were maintained to a standard which satisfied the requirements of MOS139. Extensive discussions were held with the luminaire supplier to develop a new visor for the fitting; this has now been incorporated into their latest model for the market.