Fujitsu Data Centres

Completion year Ongoing

Key People

Glenn Alman

Mechanical Project Engineer, Principal

Stephen Meleady

Mechanical Project Engineer, Principal

Travis Demeza

Senior Civil Project Engineer, Australian Discipline Leader, Associate

John Lucchetti

Hydraulic and Fire Protection Section Manager, Principal

Elliot Alfirevich

Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

Stephen King

Fire Section Manager, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

Nicholas Blay

Electrical Project Engineer, Associate

Olivier Gaussen

National Acoustics Coordinator, Principal

Bob Vidojevic

Hydraulic Project Engineer, Principal

Imran Khan

Acoustics Project Engineer, Principal

Daniel Castro

Acoustic Section Manager, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

Liliana Mironov

Electrical Project Engineer, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

Quentin Wilson

Hydraulics Project Engineer, Principal

Grant Thornton

Structural Project Engineer, Principal

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Wood & Grieve Engineers now part of Stantec (WGE) have been engaged in providing engineering services at sites in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth to achieve Uptime Tier 3 and Tier 4 certification. Including upgrades to electrical and cooling infrastructure with all works to be carried out in a live data centre environment with no downtime to data hall critical load.

This project is being led from Melbourne with Nicholas Blay providing client interface and co-ordination across the various national offices.

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