Elizabeth Quay Forward Works Infrastructure

Completion year 2015

Civil, Structural

Land Development, Water Resources


Key People

Dean Kelly

Civil Project Engineer

Darren Pesich

Civil Section Manager, Principal

Grant Thornton

Structural Project Engineer, Principal

Sharni Millman

Underground Power Design Section Manager, Principal

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In addition to the land development services required to construct the Elizabeth Quay project, WGE were also required to design the significant infrastructure associated with the project including roads, modifications to freeway entrances, signalised intersections, water mains, sewer mains and main stormwater drains.  Some of this infrastructure was new, to provide additional security of supply for Perth city, or was existing infrastructure that needed to be realigned to accommodate the construction of the new inlet, public realm and buildings.

A few of the many issues dealt with by WGE as part of the project included:

  • The fact that the project is located within busy Perth city streets, resulting in numerous site constraints and challenges
  • Redesign to maintain the construction progress and avoid “unknown” infrastructure discovered during excavation
  • Protecting the existing underground Esplanade Train Station
  • Protecting existing trees
  • Coordination with authorities to manage risk
  • Finite element analysis of the water main to assess the potential for weld fatigue when subject to dynamic traffic loads

Due to the complex nature of the site and the size of the infrastructure relative to the space available to install the components, WGE and the construction contractor, Georgiou Group, worked proactively together to resolve construction issues and complete the forward works infrastructure.

WGE are also completing the feasibility, design and construction phases for Elizabeth Quay.  Click here to read further about this project.