ECU New Library

Completion year 2006

Electrical, Hydraulics, Mechanical



Key People

Alex Deluca

Mechanical Project Engineer

Liliana Mironov

Electrical Project Engineer, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

Brett Davis

Perth Office Manager, Director

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The $28 million Edith Cowan University (ECU) Library and Resources Building reinvented the concept of the ‘library’ on a university campus.  It reflects the rapid evolution of technology and education and is more of a modern social hub than a library of the past.

The foyer, coffee shop, internet café, bookshop, vibrant 24/7 computer “mega lab”, courtyards and the library itself are combined and intertwined by a central space reminiscent of an Escher drawing: each element intrudes on the other, making its presence and identity known.  The interconnectivity and activity of the interior, carefully designed by JCY Architects, is achieved through open connections between the different levels and the foyer and the glazed exterior of the building is wrapped by a “veil” of louvres.

WGE worked collaboratively with JCY Architects and ECU to achieve the project objectives and meet the user requirements.

Services provided as part of the mechanical system included:

  • A separate forward works component consisting of 3.7 MW of new central chilled water generation plant.
  • A further separate forward works component consisting of approximately 1 kilometre of underground chilled water flow and return pipework.

The building mechanical services included the following elements:

  • Chilled water VAV air handling units throughout the building.
  • Heating was achieved via a satellite boiler contained within the building.
  • Large expanses of double void spaces were handled with motorised high induction swirl diffusers to achieve acceptable comfort conditions at all times.
  • A data room on Level 4 was a critical space requiring the design of a gaseous fire suppression system and duty/standby environmental control units.

Electrical services provided to the building included:

  • HV power supply to site.
  • General power.
  • Lighting.
  • C-Bus controls.
  • Data communications installation including Data Centre.
  • Multimedia wiring.
  • Master Antenna Television system.
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System.
  • Fire detection system.

Hydraulics and fire services infrastructure included:

  • Improvements for sewer extension.
  • Gas main capacity increase.
  • Fire main capacity increase.
  • Water main capacity verification.

Additionally the building hydraulics and fire for sanitary, water, gas and down pipes were successfully completed by the WGE team.