Curtin University B.105 Robertson Library

Completion year 2021

Civil, Structural, Vertical Transportation



Key People

Alasdair MacKerron

Structural Section Manager, Principal

Travis Demeza

Senior Civil Project Engineer, Australian Discipline Leader, Associate

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Curtin University’s Robertson Library is located at the heart of the campus and, nearing the end-of-life of its services provision, the University grasped the opportunity to modernise facilities for the needs of the Curtin community. Built in the 1970s and extended in 1991, a large portion of the existing structure was windowless to protect the books from daylight, presenting an uninviting façade.

The new design introduces significant alterations to the entrances and interior space, including a large central atrium with interconnecting stair and lecture space. The removal of perimeter walls allows light to permeate and radically improves access from around the building.

A new precast concrete, steel frame and Corten clad Service Tower will be built on the south elevation and includes a function space on level 7 to act as a beacon, signalling the heart of the campus. Materials for the tower were selected to facilitate construction in the live campus, with a view to safety and student experience.

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