Curtin B304 Grains Research

Completion year 2017

Key People

Ralf Boepple

Hydraulics Section Manager, Principal

Grant Sheppard

Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

Stephen King

Fire Section Manager, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

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Curtin University’s Centre for Crop and Disease Management (Building 304) is arranged over four storeys and provides two full levels of QC2 laboratories plus a shared third level of QC2 and QC3 labs. WGE’s hydraulic, electrical and fire services engineers were engaged to consult on the specialist research facility which has dedicated plant rooms at each level for each of the lab areas, plus meeting rooms, public restrooms and an atrium in the main lobby area.

Many of the features incorporated into the centre are designed specifically to prevent the ingress or colonisation of insects or to eliminate contaminants, in compliance with Department of Agriculture guidelines.

Waste point fixtures and floor wastes include custom-designed 250-micron strainer baskets, while mirrors are incorporated into inspection access points to assist in contaminant detection. The QC2 and QC3 laboratories are extensively sealed around joints, cracks and cavities, and penetration plate designs have been modified.

Within the QC3 area, the ceiling trunking integrates the lights, fire detectors, CCTV, speakers (PA) and motion sensors, again to mitigate against contaminants. QC3 also demanded specific electrical installations for extensive CCTV coverage and interfaces, double communication methods and complex fire management access to address man-down procedures, plus a bespoke thermal waste treatment system for all waste water.

Other hydraulic features include a reverse osmosis treatment plant with circulation loop, incorporating fully by-passable outlets and zones. To eliminate disruption of services across levels within the building, zone isolation is possible with bypasses from central plant and supply.

With unconventional architecture in the structure, the stairwell lighting was designed in 3D to facilitate the optimum design. Building 304’s services design is compliant with Curtin University’s rigorous Sustainability Design Guidelines and meets their specific energy and water targets.