Chief Entertainment

Completion year 2015

Key People

Theodore Mirabile

Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

Joseph Walsh

Mechanical Project Engineer, Principal

Antonio Lo Monte

Hydraulics Section Manager, Principal

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WGE were engaged to deliver a robust and cost effective design for the new greenfield studio project in Gore Hill for Chief Entertainment. The project included several specialised audio and video production areas, control rooms, studios, editing suites, workshops and office facilities each with their own design challenges.

Being a highly technical fitout meant that the engineering aspects of the design were just as important as the architectural/interiors aspects. The heavy reliance on building services, architectural features, acoustic and other technical aspects meant that coordination between all parties was vital in order for the project to be successful.

The Main Equipment Room, central to the project and the Chief Entertainment business, was designed as a mini data centre and required careful attention to detail with the internal layout, power and cooling requirements. WGE designed the UPS, generator and CRAC infrastructure to achieve a certain level of redundancy and to be scalable to enable the infrastructure to grow with the business.

Once designed, WGE worked closely with the builder and their contractors to finesse the services design to achieve a more practical solution while still maintaining design integrity.