Broken Hill Hospital and Dental Facility Reconfiguration

Completion year 2018

Acoustics, Electrical, Mechanical

Health & Aged Care


Key People

Olivier Gaussen

Acoustics Section Manager, Principal

Keith Ryan

Mechanical Project Engineer, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

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The new Broken Hill Community Health Centre provides a five-chair dental health facility, child, family and community health services and new Local Health District administrative centre to outback New South Wales. WGE’s Electrical, Mechanical and Acoustic engineers delivered services from concept and design through to construction.

The integrated community health centre was constructed from 42 individual modular components, constructed at Hutchies’ Toowoomba Modular Yard and transported by road some 1386 km. Modular construction was considered the optimal construction method in the remote area, adopted to reduce the time builders spent flying in and out to Broken Hill.

Predominantly built in Queensland, this is the first NSW hospital project to successfully use a modular, lightweight steel structure to achieve stringent NSW HI guidelines for acoustic separation across a multiple storey health building. Typically for NSW health buildings a concrete slab is used to meet stringent separation criteria. Our acoustic team successfully resolved the issues around achieving sufficient noise and vibration isolation, particularly between floors.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services also rose to the challenge of designing for modular construction – coordinating breaks in ductwork and cable trays. Careful consideration was given as to how these would work on site demanding a higher level of co-ordination with other services and builders on the project.

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