Brandsmart Retail Redevelopment

Completion year 2013

Key People

Ashley Willis

Structural Project Engineer, Associate

Anthony Squire

Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

Bob Vidojevic

Hydraulic Project Engineer, Principal

Angus Grant

Mechanical Section Manager, Principal

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This project involved the major redevelopment of the Brandsmart Outlet Superstore designed in conjunction with Cox Architecture. The project comprised of a new 1,500m² multi-level frontage featuring roof space-trusses and expressed shopfronts. Design features include:

  • Sustainable-design facades together with a carefully designed mechanical system that reused existing chillers to meet variable tenancy requirements and ensure user comfort
  • Optimised structural truss design allowed for simplified fabrication and construction process whilst achieving a striking architectural design

WGE modelled the entire job in Revit, and were commended by the steel detailers for providing a ‘first-pass’ 3D roof model which greatly assisted the fabrication process.