88 by JQZ, St Leonards

Completion year 2023

Key People

Antonio Lo Monte

Hydraulics Section Manager, Principal

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This new precinct from developers JQZ is set to be the centrepiece of St Leonards in Sydney, sparking urban transformation in the popular area. The $1.6 billion development provides three high-rise towers arranged around an open plaza, offering a mix of commercial, residential and retail accommodation.

Each tower (15, 20 and 47 storeys) has its own distinct architectural identity, providing a combined total of 20,000m2 of office space, 16,000m2 of retail accommodation, 680 luxury apartments plus 10 levels of basement. Conveniently located opposite the forum in the heart of St Leonards, the precinct design also includes a public library and major supermarket.

WGE’s hydraulics and mechanical engineers are providing full documentation and supervision services for the project which is expected to complete in 2023.

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