Richmond Road, Marsden Park

Completion year 2018

Key People

Theodore Mirabile

Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

Ian Harris

Civil Section Manager, Principal

Paul Moore

Structural Section Manager, Principal

Antonio Lo Monte

Hydraulics Section Manager, Principal

Nicholas Johnson

Sustainability Project Engineer, Principal

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The Richmond Road development includes 11 new mixed-use buildings set within a 3.5ha public domain site. The development is to include 3,900m² of commercial space and 861 residences along with public plazas and roads.

WGE were engaged for all engineering services for the project including the design of all public infrastructure to service the development and the engineering design for the proposed buildings.

Key Challenges on the project included:

  • Servicing the site with infrastructure in an area where no connecting infrastructure existed
  • Staging of the development
  • Designing around potential future infrastructure works surrounding the site