118-124 Terry Street, Rozelle

Completion year 2015

Key People

Joseph Walsh

Mechanical Engineer, Director

Olivier Gaussen

National Acoustics Coordinator, Principal

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This midrise residential project consists of three main buildings that include retail components on the ground level of each building.

The challenge for the WGE acoustic team:

  • With 9 different types of apartments across the three buildings there is not a great level of repetition of similar floors across each building. This made the design challenging in order to meet the National Code of Construction (NCC) acoustic performance requirements for services.

Additionally the project is targeting a green star accreditation which means the building’s acoustics outcomes have to exceed the NCC’s acoustic requirements. The challenge this presents is in the fact that the project objectives include using light weight construction methods for party walls which will affect the acoustics performance.

The WGE team is utilising innovative products such as an all-in-one timber flooring system with integrated underlay to ensure the acoustics comply with, and exceed, the NCC impact performance requirements.