Daniel Castro

Email address

+61 3 8554 7079

Acoustics Section Manager, Associate

Office: Melbourne


Daniel holds a specific degree in Acoustics and has over 13 years of experience in the acoustics field.

In November 2011 Daniel joined Wood & Grieve Engineers as Acoustic Project Engineer after gaining vital design experience in Australia, New Zealand, China and Spain.

Daniel started his career in a small consultancy firm in Barcelona with a strong emphasis in R+D in Acoustics. This led him to be exposed to a wide range of projects from underground train station design to wind farms including European Research Projects.

After five years working as a consultant Daniel moved to New Zealand to work as Acoustic Test Engineer for Phitek. There, he contributed with his knowledge of quality control applications in production line to improve the speaker and microphone matching manufacturing process. A significant part of the time Daniel worked in the production line in Shenzhen, China.

In 2008 Daniel landed in Sydney to join an Australian firm where he was introduced to the Australian market, building regulations, standards, etc. Since then, his experience ranges from infrastructure, to active noise cancelling with a main focus in environmental noise assessment and building acoustics. His understanding of client related issues, tied up with his international experience, warrants that Daniel brings top knowledge and world class innovation to all projects he is involved with.

What will you bring to a project

Daniel is known for his enthusiasm and passion about acoustics. His significant knowledge of the acoustics theory will ensure that he can achieve an optimum balance between technical accuracy, based on past and current projects, and cost effective solutions.

Outside work

In his spare time, Daniel focuses on creating sounds and noises rather than attenuating them. He does so as bass player, as a solo artist when composing experimental music pieces or creating acoustic software for collectives such as Archikidz. Also, Daniel is Vice-president of the Catalan Centre of Victoria which is a cultural organisation that aims to promote diffusion of the Catalan language and culture.


  • Technical Engineering Degree in Telecommunications specialized in Acoustics, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona

Industry accreditations / bodies

  • Member of Engineers of Australia (MIEAust)
  • Member of Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS)
  • Wood & Grieve Engineers NSW are members of the Australian Association of Acoustical Consultants (AAAC)

Previous projects

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre (GCAC) is a world-class swimming facility located in Southport’s Broadwater Parklands. It will be the swimming and diving facility for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Game, and was awarded with the 2015 QLD State Architecture Awards. Link

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (BWWA)

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (BWWA) is an airport in Wellcamp, 15.6 km west from the CBD of Toowoomba, Queensland. The airport and an associated aviation and business park is the brainchild of the Wagner family, a local prominent business family in the Toowoomba region. BWWA is the first major greenfield public airport development in Australia since Melbourne Airport opened in 1970. It is also the first privately funded major airport in the country. Link

Performing Arts Centre, Oakhill College
Leichhardt Green (Greenland)
Hospital for Specialist Surgery (HSS)

Client testimonials

With regard to the service Daniel has provided, we are more than happy with Daniel’s approach & feel you have been proactive identifying and resolving problems areas of non-compliance and with general advice.

David Asplin, S3 Architects

Just to let you know that we had a de-briefing meeting with the client and the Police Operations Centre performed as it was designed for without any problem. Especially acoustic was mentioned as perfect. I had those same comments from many other users of those meeting rooms.

Milena Butovski, IA Group