Water Resources

WGE employs a team of professionals with a long history in the water industry and includes specialists from around the nation. From feasibility to contract management, our team has the expertise to deliver all stages of water infrastructure projects such as:

  • Water Supply. Water reticulation, large diameter steel water pipelines, water supply pumping stations, PRVs, water main renewals, backlog water systems, water treatment plants, water network modelling, optimisation and managerment.
  • Sewerage. Sewerage reticulation, pressure sewerage systems, sewerage pumping stations and rising mains, sewer renewals and rehabilitation, backlog sewerage systems and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Stormwater. Retarding basins renewals and upgrades, large diameter stormwater drains, large drain rehabilitation, flood hyrdology, 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling, flood studies, water quality analysis/modelling, rainfall runoff modelling and flood levee banks.
  • Rivers and creeks. Stormwater quality modelling, stormwater harvesting design, bio-retention/raingarden design, design of and upgrade/renewal of wetlands for stormwater quality treatment, inundation frequency analysis on wetlands and wetland outlet optimisation.

With an involvement in the development of WSAA standards, and in delivering WSAA Water Supply Design courses, WGE personnel have intimate knowledge of the evolution of codes and a deep understanding of industrial boundaries.