We look at it from every angle

Behind every industrial complex is a highly industrious engineering team. From Perth to Sydney and everywhere in between, WGE has been the powerhouse behind many of the countries industrial sites.

In the last five years we’ve put our mark on a significant number of the country’s greatest industrial sites from warehouses, to factories, distribution and freight centres, trade training sheds and large industrial sheds. Our team have been the engineering masterminds behind the Masters Home Improvement Stores across Australia, Coles Myer’s Perth distribution store and Ridley Agriproducts Feed.

We’re disciplined and technical yet highly creative. As we’re a large multi-disciplined company, you get the perfect team that will consider every angle of your project and offer several creative solutions that others may not.

Rowan Stokes

Structural Project Engineer, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

Our advice to clients

Engineers who have the expertise to value engineer before the project needs value engineering will put you ahead of the game. Be sure to partner with a firm who has a long history of getting it right in the industrial sector to ensure a great outcome for your project.