Building a secure future

Our nationwide approach and familiarity with defence project requirements ensures we are well positioned to add considerable value in delivering future projects.

We understand the unique functional requirements, can draw from our previous experience, and are committed to making a positive impact in our whole-of-life approach.

Our experience includes:

  • Delivered over $1.5 billion (CapEx) in the defence environment
  • Involved in numerous additional projects by providing assistance in the pre-planning phase
  • Strategic Business Case (SBC) Reports that inform the Functional Design Briefing documentation and the Technical Scope that form part of the foundation of new defence tenders

We understand the fundamental requirements of design and the detailed requirements of the end users.  At the start of the project, we seek and actively encourage communication with key user groups and project stakeholders to inform the design and ensure the service requirements and budget considerations are raised and incorporated as the project develops.

We draw from our previous experience in working on defence projects to anticipate the functional requirements of the development.

We understand that defence sites permit little down time.  Our design team work closely with stakeholders to fully understand the project requirements, plan the project timeline and structure the design to deliver a staged construction where necessary.

We understand the various Defence Security Pass categories and requirements.  Many of our people already have active passes or have previously held combinations of Red and Day passes.

We are committed to making a positive impact in environmental management.  Best environment practices are incorporated into our core business plans and management procedures, including our firm-wide Environmental Management System (EMS) which has been developed as an overarching document to guide sustainability and environmental management.

We undertake ‘whole of life’ assessments by engaging the wider project team to facilitate informed client decision making in regard to cost of materials at time of construction, versus long-term maintenance costs.

Rob Sansbury

Infrastructure Section Manager, Principal

Our advice to clients

Confidentiality is an important factor when working on sensitive Commonwealth defence projects.  By choosing an engineering company which offers clients a one stop shop, it thereby limits the number of stakeholders involved in the project and minimises risk.