It’s a commitment to drive our company forward into a bright future

Morgan is the  HR Manager at WGE and been an integral member of the team since 2004  where she was  first employed as a filing clerk.

‘I didn’t even  have an interview  when I joined,’ Morgan says. ‘My  mum worked here as a  filing  clerk and they just trusted  that I’d be a good worker like she was, so they gave
me the job.’

Over the  years, as Morgan progressed  through various  administrative roles, she was recognised  for her talent, willingness  to learn and ambition.  The company invested in  her training and development  so she could take on  more challenging roles and  move from payroll clerk  to HR Manager in 2011.

The role is very  broad and includes managing the recruitment  across the company  and working with the  Talent Development  Program Coordinator to  market and  attract the  best graduates  amongst other HR duties.

‘We’ve  established a really strong recruitment process to  ensure we attract the best  people and I’m now helping  drive the company  forward by working on other  exciting HR initiatives,’ says Morgan.

Morgan  sees a lot of  scope for her own career  at WGE as she will  take on more challenging projects  to establish the HR infrastructure  required to support the  growth of the company.  This includes developing more  HR procedures, workplace health and  safety projects and contributing  to strategies around  management promotions and  succession planning.

‘There  are also many other  things driving us forward right now.  We’ve just employed a new  Marketing Manager, started our  Talent Development program, created our culture and  values positioning and are  building capabilities in new disciplines  and sectors. It’s an exciting time for WGE,’  reflects Morgan.

While the  company is set to expand,  the management team  is very  focused  on ensuring that WGE maintains  its family like culture.

‘WGE  is like a family to me.  Everyone values each  other and actually cares. Being  the HR Manager for  the company I see  how much support is given to  staff members during  difficult  times in their lives and have experienced it first-­‐hand myself. My Mum passed away  from breast cancer a few  years ago and all  my work friends came to the funeral and supported  me through it. I know  that my experience isn’t  an isolated one and support  is always given to people  that are going through  challenging times.  It’s not just lip service  here and that’s why  I  could never imagine myself  working  anywhere else,’  finishes Morgan.

WGE take a multi-­‐faceted approach to  driving the company  forward. They  believe  that nurturing the whole  of every staff  member, personally  and professionally, will be their long-­‐term key  to success and growth.