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The importance of culture and innovation at WGE

At WGE, we do things differently – and this formula has resulted in our growth and success since we opened our doors in 1961. But 56 years later, the world is a very different place and technology is moving faster than ever before.

We hear a lot of where the future of technology is headed, but what does this mean for businesses right now? What role can organisational culture play to ensure flexibility and adaptation in a rapidly changing space. In my opinion, culture and people are the most important assets a business has, and play a crucial role in ensuring continued success and profit.

The key challenge for business in the age of disruption is to cultivate and maintain a workplace culture that embraces change, led by fearless innovators who are open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and breaking new ground. This type of forward-thinking can only be achieved within an organisation when there is an established workplace culture where everyone is valued for their contributions, autonomy is the accepted norm, performance is rewarded and work-life balance is visible.

A strong and healthy workplace culture enables ideas to be shared, heard, evaluated and implemented into the business. Employees are empowered to make decisions and progress new initiatives without red tape, giving us the leading edge in a crowded market. This happens every day at Wood & Grieve Engineers where our engineers are leading the way.

As CEO, I have a huge responsibility to uphold the unique culture we have at WGE as we head into the brave but uncertain new world.  I certainly didn’t create this culture, but it is my job to maintain it and fight to keep it as we travel through this age of innovation. It needs to be in our DNA.







José Granado

CEO, Wood & Grieve Engineers