It’s a commitment to have fun and bring our whole personality to work

John Lucchetti is an extremely likeable young man who is a Hydraulics Project Engineer at Wood & Grieve in the Melbourne office.

His introduction to WGE was a little unusual.

ʻAfter graduating from Melbourne University, I started work in defence and aerospace manufacturing. Working in a manufacturing factory I was exposed to very little design work and exposure to other engineers who could act as mentors and peers was extremely limited. I met Grant Holman at a WGE event. Grantʼs enthusiasm and passion for WGE was infectious. I knew I wanted to work there and basically set out to make it happen and the rest is history,ʼ says John.

In less than four years since joining WGE, John has become the manager of the hydraulics section, managing 11 people. He was also made a shareholder of the firm in July 2013.

ʻWhat I love about WGE is the ability to progress through the ranks really quickly and that you get judged on your merit. The flat organisational structure makes it easy to excel and connect with others at all levels,ʼ says John.

John is a triathlon and sports enthusiast and makes the trip to Perth each year to participate in the WGE Perth to Busselton Bikeride (250km) with his co-workers and clients. He also recently swam with three other staff in the Rottnest Channel Island swim (a 20km swim). ʻIt really is the most fun environment to work in,ʼ says John. You can 100% bring your whole personality to work, wear your heart on your sleeve and be yourself. Thereʼs a sense of fun inherent in everything we do, from the way we interact with each other to the way we interact with clients.ʼ

John is actively engaged in the WGE community and in the industry. Heʼs on the WGE five-a-side soccer team and always joins everyone back at the office for the standard Friday night beers and pizza. John regularly attends the PCA Future Directions events and is a Senior Vice President on the hydraulics industry association AHSCA.

John is forever thankful he made the decision to join WGE. “It is definitely more than just work to me,ʼ says John. ʻWGE is a family and I couldnʼt see myself working anywhere else.ʼ