Underground Power Design

It’s more than just power

In 1996, when the government mandated that all future power distribution systems must be installed underground and that the private sector would be responsible for design and documentation of these services, WGE recognized the opportunity and reacted quickly to establish a team of electrical experts at the forefront of design to take on the challenge.

Our Underground Power Design (UPD) team has over 50 collective years of power experience and has been responsible for the design of many large Australian projects. This includes Perth Waterfront and Latitude 32 in Hope Valley, an industrial estate with the first dedicated solar roadway, requiring an enormous number of fittings over hundreds of kilometres.

With a reputation for delivering quality work, we’ve become the trusted consultant by local authorities and many of our clients. Indeed, some of our design proposals have been adopted by Western Power as their standard for future inner-city developments.

Liliana Mironov

Electrical Project Engineer, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

Our advice to clients

Early planning is the key and a full brief is vital. Think laterally about the project and all the elements that may affect it so that you prevent expensive mistakes. Involve your consultants at the earliest stages of every development and ensure their expert advice is taken on board.