Transportation Engineering

It’s about people

Transportation engineering is about people – whether this is the movement of people on foot, by car or bicycle, on public transport or through the movement of goods and services that people require.

At WGE we are specialists in designing, planning and modelling transport networks to deliver optimal outcomes for clients, helping to shape the future transport networks of cities that we all want to live in.

Our team have extensive experience in:

  • The preparation of traffic impact assessments
  • Preparation and presentation of expert evidence statements
  • Car parking management and design
  • Subdivision planning
  • Intersection and road design
  • Sustainable transport infrastructure
  • Master planning
  • Road safety audits
  • Street lighting
  • Traffic and construction traffic management

At WGE, we work with our clients to deliver projects from concept through to construction.  Being a multi-disciplinary engineering organisation, we offer clients a one-stop shop for all their project needs.

Typically, transportation engineering is only seen as part of the initial design development and planning process.  We see transportation engineering differently and are able to provide services throughout all stages of the project.

See below some of the services we offer.

The team at WGE has extensive experience in preparing Traffic Impact Assessments to accompany town planning applications, including a variety of land uses. We are able to provide tailored assessments for development applications, from complex to city-shaping transport projects.
Our experience includes:

  • Providing traffic and car parking impact assessment reports to accompany development applications
  • Brownfield and Greenfield subdivision planning
  • Due diligence and feasibility transport assessments
  • Car parking management plans
  • Car parking strategy and policy
  • Creating CAD based vehicle swept path diagrams using the latest Auto-TURN computer software
  • Empirical assessments of car parking demands
  • Cark park layout reviews against relevant Planning Scheme and Australian Standard requirements
  • Collecting and analysing transport data to assess traffic volumes, intersection turning movements, and car parking availability
  • Forecasting the traffic impact and associated ameliorative measures required of developments
  • Preparation of integrated transport and green travel plans

We can provide expert witness services to:

  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)
  • Planning Panels Victoria
  • Resource Management & Planning Appeal Tribunal (Tasmania)
  • NSW Land and Environment Court
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)
  • State Administrative Tribunal (WA)

The experts at WGE have considerable experience in representing permit applicants, local and state agencies, and objectors at hearings.  Our experienced team is also highly regarded by tribunals and within the planning and property industry, providing a measured and balanced approach to projects and a trusted voice of expertise for all stakeholders.

Our team regularly provides expert evidence to property owners, developers and authorities at hearings for town planning appeals through to planning scheme amendments.  It’s this ability to engage with all parties, drawing from our wealth of experience, which provides comfort to both our clients and tribunals.

Our quality car parking design principles can provide a significant competitive advantage for our clients, including property owners, developers, architects, town planners and government agencies.

WGE can form an integral part of your development team by applying best practice and using our extensive car parking design experience, from project feasibility through to completion.  Our services include sketch plans, swept path analysis, concept design through to contract documentation for project delivery.

Our experience in carpark and ramp design includes at-grade, multi-deck, under croft and basement parking. We are leaders in the application and assessment of mechanical parking systems, including the full range of equipment including robotic and fully automated parking systems, dependent and independent stackers, car lifts and car hoists.

WGE can facilitate maximum parking efficiency for your car park by ensuring there is efficient traffic circulation, pedestrian safety, user convenience and amenity, all while minimising costs.

WGE can provide expert design services across transport infrastructure including the design of unsignalised and signalised intersections, roundabouts, road alignments, subdivision road networks as well as traffic signal layout plans.

Application of these design services include development application negotiations, developer contribution settlement, Greenfield site developments, sustainable transport initiatives and design services for municipal councils, transport authorities and other stakeholders.

A sustainable transport network comprises many disciplines, including vehicle traffic, public transport, cycling, walking and car share.

WGE has experience in delivering all aspects of a sustainable travel plan from Travel Behaviour Change, Workplace Travel Plans, Travel Demand Management, Green Travel Planning and Car Share initiatives.

WGE has considerable experience in development and precinct master planning for the private sector and the local and state government.

We seek to provide solutions which acknowledge that development planning can be short or long term with numerous design, commercial and environmental factors to balance.

Our services include development staging, interim treatments, project life cycle planning, fluid design contemplating car based travel, sustainable modes and, importantly, collaborating with the development team.

Our master planning experiences includes retail, commercial, activity precinct, residential and industrial subdivisions, universities and colleges.

WGE has undertaken numerous road safety audits on behalf of government authorities and private clients. This is an area that is under constant revision and improvement, however we remain on top of developments as road safety underpins all our work in relation to the application of all relevant Australian standards and National guidelines.

WGE’s road safety auditors base their knowledge on practical first hand examples through conducting significant numbers of road and transport safety audits with no restrictions on project size or complexity.

All Road Safety Audits are carried out by experienced and qualified staff, with road safety accreditation recognised by VicRoads, ARRB and all relevant transport authorities.

We continue to work closely with clients after project’s completion by applying services relating to Traffic Management Plans and Construction Traffic Management Plans. Our engineers have the required certification to prepare and authorise Traffic Management and Construction Traffic Management Plans, as well as the skills to negotiate an agreed outcome with appropriate stakeholders.

Our experience spans across construction traffic management plans for high rise residential and metropolitan developments, special event traffic management and for regional services.

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James Brownlie

Transportation Engineering Section Manager

Our advice to clients

Engage a Transportation Engineer in the project infancy. Early transport engineering engagement and advice helps to shape the fundamental built form of the site as well as the sites feasibility. Good transportation engineering advice improves the overall user experience and when done properly, integrates seamlessly into the development.

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