Telecomms & ICT

Enabling your future

Telecomms & ICT are now a core function in all areas of business, services and in our personal lives. As each year passes, our dependence on ICT grows as ICT capabilities increases exponentially.

Our Telecomms & ICT engineering team is one of the most experienced team in the country. We are dedicated to either engineering or consulting solutions in:

  • DAS/In-building Communications system
  • Wi-Fi systems
  • Integrated Networks
  • Li-Fi systems
  • ICT infrastructure
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Radio-communication systems
  • Data communication systems
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Audio visual systems
  • Switched-circuit systems
  • Assistance call systems
  • Telemetry and SCADA systems

We have experience working across all industry sectors from transportation, mining and minerals, defence, justice, health, industrial, education, commercial and residential.

WGE’s Melbourne-based Telecomms & ICT team recognised for excellence. Read more…

Lawrence McKenna

Telecommunications Section Manager

Our advice to clients

If you think it’s expensive to hire a SME to do the project, wait until you hire an amateur”. As an previous ex-Client I would never engage an engineer or consultant that practice ICT engineering as a part-time engineering activity rather than as a full-time profession. Telecomms & ICT engineering is a full-time profession; just too much to know and the requirements to maintain knowledge currency are very demanding. Use experienced engineers that have a successful track record and that guarantee the quality and longevity of their work and solution. Our engineers that will go the extra mile. We’ve had many clients come to me, even part-way through a project, because they’ve used inexperienced low cost consultants and it’s cost them dearly.