We make buildings greener

The impact of buildings on the environment is a popular topic of conversation in boardrooms across the country. It’s no longer an option to be sustainable, it’s an expectation. That’s why the companies serious about doing the best they can for the environment are turning to the WGE Sustainability team.

At WGE we aim to make buildings greener. We don’t see it as an ‘added extra’, we see it as an integral consideration for every existing building and for every proposed construction project.

Our team has been responsible for many outstanding environmentally sustainable projects, including 1 McNab Avenue (Footscray), Wellington Central and the Affinity Village Clubhouse.

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Prasanna Suraweera

Sustainability Section Manager, Australian Discipline Leader, Principal

Our advice to clients

There’s a lot of ‘green wash’ in the market – always question the advice that you’ve been given and test the assumptions. An inexperienced sustainability consultant can lead a project completely off track which can end up being costly and you may not even achieve your sustainability goals. We saved a client over $500,000 by testing the assumptions made by an inexperienced consultant.