Your vision is our challenge – we think beyond the structure

Every successful project requires a dedicated structural engineering team to deliver a great design. No matter how large, complex or unusual your project may be, the hallmark of a great structural consultant is the ability to deliver innovative, commercially viable and buildable solutions. We have built our solid reputation over a 50 year journey by consistently delivering these critical outcomes.

Our dedicated and passionate national team, of over 50 structural engineers around the country, has successfully completed a vast array of projects of varying type, scale and complexity. In addition to our proven track record in the commercial, industrial, residential, retail, education, health and civic sectors, we have specialist expertise in high rise buildings, modular systems, cyclonic design, post-tensioned structures, heritage re-use/restoration and forensic engineering.

Our promise? We’ll be personal. We’ll be fully immersed in your vision. We’ll innovate. We’ll proactively deliver on our promises.

We may be over 50 years old as a company but that doesn’t mean we “stick to our knitting”. We challenge ourselves to constantly evolve, embracing the latest developments in our industry and will always think beyond the obvious, tried and tested solution.

We are often at the forefront of proprietary system innovations, which provides us with specialist knowledge. This ensures that all viable solutions will be assessed on your project.

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Rowan Stokes

Structural Section Manager, Director

Our advice to clients

It is prudent to invest in the right engineering team, led by the right individual. Consider genuine value beyond just price. Engineers make fundamental decisions and judgments which have significant effects on project cost. A genuinely skilled and engaged engineering team will add value to a project well beyond their total fee.