Fire Protection

We give you peace of mind

Great buildings require great design and great functionality, but it’s the people inside these buildings that matter most. Whether you’re building a football stadium, a tunnel or a commercial building, protecting people in the event of fire is an absolute priority.

We’re specialists in designing and upgrading fire hydrant, sprinkler and detection systems. We work side by side with your project team, integrating with other engineering disciplines, to determine the optimal way to protect your asset.

Our team have the vital experience your project requires and have worked on projects such as Melbourne’s The Quays, the new City of Perth Library and Sydney’s Australian Towers II. We’re also brilliant at robust and complex projects, like the new Perth Wellington Street Underground Bus Station – a project that’s required an expert team of 20 of our most talented employees.

Fire protection is an essential part of a building and for good reason. If the worst happens, you’ll be glad you were backed by Wood & Grieve Engineers.

Stephen King

Fire Section Manager, Principal

Our advice to clients

Reflecting on what you did last time is a good place to start your latest build.  However, don’t forget that every project is unique and all options should be considered and explored.  Remember- there is always more than one way to skin a cat!