Energy Services

Using less, making more

The energy revolution is well and truly upon us.  At WGE, we’ve been guiding our clients through this technological disruption for a number of years; slowly building our knowledge and experience to provide best advice and customer service.

The modern project is no longer simply an energy consumer – it’s an energy creator, an energy re-seller, it’s being energy aware.  Creating, harnessing and enjoying energy in an economical and sustainable fashion is what we’re passionate about.

Whether you’re plugging into the grid, off the grid, or somewhere in-between; our team of energy specialists are well equipped to take you on that journey.

We look at the design of new projects and ensure all alternative energy options are considered. Solar photovoltaics and battery storage are popular, but these are not the only options you should be considering.  WGE has experience in a variety of alternative energy solutions, including:

  • Solar photovoltaic systems
  • Wind energy
  • Co-generation/Tri-generation systems
  • Bio-gas & other bio-fuel solutions
  • Waste-to-energy
  • Energy storage (battery & others)
  • Hybrid systems
  • Off-grid solutions

Have an existing site? Our Energy Services team can help provide retrofit solutions, as well as review your existing assets to benchmark their energy performance.  We can help you prioritise your capital investments to make the biggest impact on your operational expenses, securing your energy future.

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Mark Price

Energy & Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

Our advice to clients

Energy Services is much more than rooftop solar panels – there are a variety of ways modern buildings can harness natural energy for both cost savings and reducing carbon footprint. The key to success is finding the right technology for your project. To understand what’s available and, more importantly, what best fits your needs, engage with an energy expert early in your project’s lifecycle.