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Delivering AV solutions

Audio Visual (AV) systems use various types of video and audio equipment to ultimately deliver a required message or content to a target audience.  The requirements for AV systems design are often complex and demanding as they involve the integration of a wide range of equipment with a control system to facilitate the simplified operation of complex tasks.  The AV industry is constantly evolving with new products, emerging technologies and innovative ways of displaying or transmitting content.  Ultimately our goal is to assist and improve the way people communicate and interact.

WGE designers use integrated, seamless technology to create simplified, responsive, intuitive and predictive solutions.  Effective Audio Visual system design adds value and makes a difference to how people use a space, communicate with each other and interact with various forms of technology.  Creating an enjoyable and productive user experience is paramount in all AV system design work.

Our work

As well as meeting current user requirements, we focus on developing future-proof solutions, scalable systems and anticipating future needs and emerging trends.  We work across a range of sectors including corporate, retail, industrial, justice, government, defence, airports, public spaces, transport, education, health and aged care.

We aim to design and deliver systems that are effective, economical and user friendly for everything from convention centres, auditoriums and complex control rooms, through to video conference suites, training rooms and simulators.

  • Audio Visual display and presentation systems
  • Video conference and teleconference facilities
  • Digital signage and Interactive screens
  • Internet television (IPTV)
  • Voice and sound reinforcement, public address and paging
  • High-performance sound systems – performing arts & live performance
  • Video walls equipment integration for corporate, advertising and command centres
  • Lecture capture and recording
  • Touch-screen control systems
  • Hearing augmentation systems for BCA/DDA compliance
  • Integration with other systems, such as lighting control, EWIS and security

Our clients can be found in every sector, from airports to education and corporate to aged care.

WGE’s AV team created a bespoke solution for the award-winning Jackalope Hotel. Read more…

Sean Fields

Audio Visual Section Manager

Our advice to clients

The earlier we can understand your requirements, functions and needs the smoother it will be to seamlessly integrate them into your project. It is important that we work closely with your team to provide economic value and the perfect solution with the latest reliable technology.