You won’t hear us, but you’ll know we’ve been

Noise in a building can seriously affect the interactions within and around that space. At work, noise can affect our productivity. At play, noise can affect our ability to unwind, rest and relax. At WGE Acoustics, noise is what we know best.

Noise is a highly subjective thing; what is pleasant to one person may be barely acceptable to another. That’s why we apply objectivity, mathematics and physics to an age-old issue to ensure the optimal comfort of everyone. We help you plan for all noise factor risks and comply with the standards whether you’re building a residential block of apartments, establishing railway infrastructure or creating a performing arts venue.

Our accomplished team of acoustics specialists understand all areas of design and has substantial experience in a wide range of disciplines. They have delivered on some great projects including the Gold Coast’s Aquatic Centre, Perth’s Wellington Bus Station and Hobart’s Blundstone Arena.

Practical, functional and commercially realistic advice is what you get from the Acoustics team at WGE. We know noise inside and out.

Olivier Gaussen

Acoustics Section Manager, Principal

Our advice to clients

Our advice to our clients is twofold. Firstly, bring in the right team who understand that acoustics is based on mathematics and physics, and can explain the solution in very simple terms. Secondly, engage the team early – at the same time as you would engage your architect. Include them in the early design as they can really make a difference to the overall result of the project.