Reality Engineering

Reality Engineering uses leading edge technology to create a Reality Model of proposed development with the ability of being consumed in different forms during the life of the project.

This on-demand service is:

  • Based on real engineering models
  • Creates immersive engagement
  • Progressive creation at all stages of your project, not just the end.

Why use Reality Engineering?

Imagine your prospective consumers being able to walk down the street in a land development that hasn’t been built, and see exactly what the retaining walls, curbs, trees and street lights will look like. Imagine then, being able to put their home directly onto their lot for them to see and feel what living there will be like – day or night, winter or summer.

A reality model creates and engaging and interactive experience for stake holder and customers.

The foundation of our offering is the Reality Model that can be incorporated into a variety of our deliverables, including:

  • On-demand Animation of a Reality Model – our model is placed into a gaming platform to allow interaction to suit the demand of the user
  • 360 Video – this requires the creation of a 3D image that can be superimposed into real imagery with dynamic capabilities and can be created with or without our Reality Model
  • Flythrough – a prescribed path in real earth with or without Reality Mode, utilising Google Earth as the platform
  • Google Street View – creation of a dynamic “Google Street View style” interaction incorporating our Reality Model
  • Google Maps – an interactive 2D Image (not utilising Reality Model) capable of being automatically updated, with the ability to share and collect multiple layers of data
  • GPS Activated Plans – a PDF plan with GPS capabilities to highlight current location on the plans

Darren Pesich

Perth Civil Section Manager, Senior Civil Project Engineer, Principal, Director

Our advice to clients

Reality Engineering is a new method to approach old issues in a more logical way.  It’s not uncommon for unforeseen issues to arise during a project’s lifecycle; but by engaging in the technology early, clients are able to deal with any potential issues before they physically occur, saving their project both time and money.