Check out the latest video from WGE

WGE have produced a light-hearted video to break down the industry buzz-words that are becoming increasingly common in boardrooms and site meetings across the nation. We rounded up some of Melbourne’s property industry experts to test their knowledge of the latest buzz-words doing the rounds.

The video was showcased at the Property Council of Australia’s Christmas lunch held in Melbourne on Friday 8 December.

View the video below or click here to watch online.

Thanks to our volunteers who were happy to put their buzz word knowledge to the test:

  • Sally Capp, Property Council of Australia, Victoria Division
  • Anne Hellstedt, The University of Melbourne
  • Peter Hutchins, Charter Keck Cramer
  • Sonya Miller, Armitage Jones
  • Grant Holman, Angus Grant and John Lucchetti from WGE