Our culture

It’s more than just work.
It’s where I belong.

At WGE, we believe our unique culture sets us apart.
We do things differently:

  • Provide a rewarding, engaging and social place to work
  • Invest in our employees with training and development opportunities
  • Recognise high performers with shares in the company
  • Non-hierarchical structure and open plan offices ensure inclusiveness and collaboration

How this makes us different

  • Our staff are highly motivated and engaged – they tell us consistently in our annual independent employee engagement survey
  • Our engineers see WGE as a career, not a job. Some of our staff have been with us 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years!
  • The people who run the company have worked their way up, with most starting as graduates with WGE
  • We provide social opportunities for our staff to get to know each other outside of work
  • High performance is rewarded with shares in the company

What this means for our clients

  • Your project benefits from the experience of consultants who are with us long-term
  • Our ownership structure means our team are committed to the success of your project
  • Our friendly and social work environment fosters cross-team collaboration
  • Innovation is encouraged, our senior leaders are approachable and open to new idea

We believe in a collaborative approach to business and we’re passionate about sharing our culture secrets with our clients and partners so that together we can create a more cooperative and enjoyable industry for all. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to find out more about our culture.